Design ideas for your living room

Living rooms are all about creating a relaxing space for family and friends.

henredon livingroomStart with the essentials: A comfortable sofa, coffee table and well-made rug.

3c36de9a05964a2c6f6f65a990bbcce5Choose furniture and decor in mix of colors and textures that inspire you.

THROWS_PILLOWSSince relaxing is the key, keep cozy throws and extra pillows close at hand.

lampLighting creates ambiance and makes a space welcoming. Give each part of the room a flattering glow to shed the best light on moments grand and small.

2013-cottage-living-room-decorating-ideas-5Don’t forget texture matters. Make every surface pleasing to the touch and the eye. This is the place to fill with luxurious fabrics, furnishings and finishes.  images2When choosing paint colors, warm colors – like wheats and creams – create a welcoming atmosphere that invites lingering. Cool colors – those in the blue, green and violet family make a space feel fresh and energized.


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